Mattress Type For You

For more than 15 years Holger Genkinger has specialised in the production and distribution of bedding. He has passed on the grown know-how to his employees, who have of course also acquired a lot of their own knowledge and experience over the years. has meanwhile become one of the largest online retailers of bedding in the German-speaking world.

The company’s own size and extensive knowledge of the subject matter have over the years already brought successful brand concepts to life. With its own brand Traumschlaf, the company is now presenting its own and a new mattress concept.

It is well known that the mattress is the basis for a restful sleep. But what types of mattresses are there? And which is the right mattress? In addition to the great variety on the mattress market, a so-called one-fits-all mattress has been on everyone’s lips for some time now. A mattress that is equally suitable for all types of sleep, regardless of weight and height.

The great variety on the market of mattresses rather contributes to the confusion of the customers than being helpful for the right choice. For this reason, Holger Genkinger GmbH is now introducing a new mattress concept with the Traumschlaf brand, which should make it easy for customers to find the right mattress for their own bed.

The concept is based on the knowledge that there are roughly 4 types of human body shapes, which are now divided into 4 types of fruit and vegetables in a visually understandable way. These body shapes describe the different types of physique and different weight distribution of the body on the mattress. After an analysis, 80% of customers can be defined by this categorization.

The mattresses for the different body shapes are perfectly adapted to the individual body zones and differ in which parts of the body are supported when lying down and where the mattress should yield. Body weight plays only a minor role in the mattress types according to this article in

The mattresses offer perfect comfort for the weight class from 55 – 105 kg. For the slightly heavier types (from 105 kg) the team offers the XXL dream sleeping mattress. The shop also offers the Traumschlaf Baby and Traumschlaf Junior mattresses. Within these subdivisions, almost everyone can find their mattress.

The division of the body shapes is, as already mentioned, based on the new fruit and vegetable principle. First there is the apple type. The somewhat rounded type with a little more upper body weight, slender legs and arms. The right mattress for this type must allow the upper body to sink in sufficiently and also have a lumbar support.

The second type, the pear type, describes well-formed ladies, whereas the strawberry type describes men in most cases – wider shoulders and narrower towards the waist. Finally, the fourth type is the carrot, which describes a slender person in whom the shoulders, waist and hips are of similar width.

By means of pictorial comparisons, the typification can be easily understood – and applied. For mattresses, each type means a different weight distribution and consequently a different construction of the right mattress. Body analysis according to types such as apple or pear, for example, has also been used in fashion for some time.

Mattress conceptIt is a simple and advanced concept that makes it much easier for the customer to find his way around and find the mattress that suits him. Holger Genkinger pays strict attention to quality and sustainability when manufacturing the mattresses. All mattresses are manufactured in a factory in Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

In order to increase lying comfort, the covers of the mattresses are made with a silk content. In addition, the covers are quilted and they are equipped with a climatic band for optimal moisture exchange and good body climate. These are all features that distinguish a good mattress.

If you order a mattress from, you don’t have to be afraid of a huge parcel that is difficult to transport to its destination. The mattress is rolled by a special process and delivered in a vacuum inside the box. The washable cover is included separately. The mattress is “assembled” within a few minutes and has the great advantage that it can be easily brought into the bedroom.

For the slatted base, the experts from Holger Genkinger’s team recommend a slatted frame equipped with 42 springwood slats, which ensures the correct support and optimum ventilation of the mattress.

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