Breathing Exercises

Experiencing insomnia, a person not only suffers from nervous breakdown, suffers from the whole body. If it occurs as a result of fatigue, anxiety or lack of sleep, you can cope with it yourself. Well helps breathing exercises for insomnia.

It is effective not only for prevention, but also helps to recover from some serious illnesses. If the problems with sleep are related to diseases of the body, be sure to contact a doctor to get the necessary advice.

With caution to breathing exercises should be treated with elderly people. If you have infectious diseases or bad habits, such as smoking, you should be careful. If you have asthma or bronchitis, you should also take your time doing the exercise.

Gymnastics works.

A lot of people think that breathing has nothing to do with sleeping well. However, you may notice that if you try to sleep in a stuffy room or if you are under stress, it will not work. But if you feel calm physically and morally, and sleep will come smoothly and gently.

The brain in tension experiences oxygen starvation, and bad thoughts climb into the head. Breathing exercises before bedtime struggles with all the worries of the day, helping a person to quickly feel the relaxation in the body and easily fall asleep. Prepares the body for rest, removing discomfort.


Sleeplessness breathing exercises are very useful for regaining strength. Medicinal treatment of insomnia badly affects the liver, poisoning the body. You can independently bring your sleep schedule to normal. The effectiveness of gymnastics does not depend on age, has no complications and contraindications. Just listen to your feelings during the procedure.

The main advantage of breathing exercises from insomnia is its comprehensive approach and great effectiveness. After a while, the body performs its functions much better, the work of the brain is accelerated, the flow of blood to the limbs becomes accelerated.

The benefits of gymnastics:

  • Cells begin to regenerate, pushing back the ageing of the skin
  • Thinking activity resumes
  • Muscles all over the body are properly relaxed, relaxed
  • Breathing becomes moderate, and the associated organs are gradually returning to normal
  • It cleans all the cells in the body
  • The nervous system is normalized, the last plan is to depress the state of depression, as well as well as helps in the prevention of this case, breathing exercises
  • Stress resistance in all situations

Rules of execution

In order to get the desired result and sleep in a few minutes, you need to properly perform all the exercises. To begin with, you should prepare yourself. Check the room, the air should not be stuffy and stolen, sharp aromas will only bring headaches.

Sleepwear is better cotton or hypoallergenic. The body needs to be in a free position so that the movements are not constrained, so things should not be pulling in.

It is necessary to create silence in the room. Breathing to improve sleep helps only in full concentration with yourself. Light and melodic music will help to adjust to the desired mood. It is desirable to put in the background all the worries, now there is only you and your breath.

It is necessary to listen to silence for a couple of minutes to improve the result. The right solution is to close your eyes and dim the light.

Basic rules:

  • Inhale is shorter and exhale is slower and longer
  • Inhale only with the nose, exhale at will, you can breathe out with your mouth.
  • We add the number of times gradually. It is important to feel comfortable doing the exercise. If you feel dizzy and weak, you should stop or slow down.

To increase the effect, it is possible to resort to additional actions. The sleeping place should be cozy and comfortable. It is desirable to choose a mattress orthopedic and pillow with natural materials, synthetics has a bad effect on the quality of sleep. Some people remove it from under their heads at all, so that blood circulation would improve, but only when the heart is healthy.

Hard surfaces of a berth will provide a backbone due relaxation, it will be good to do exercise on such bed.

For lovers of good smell, aromatherapy is suitable. The smell of mint or wormwood will calm the nerves. And deep breaths of eucalyptus fumes are also healthy. Cedar, spruce, juniper, rosemary and other forest odors have a beneficial effect on human health.

Description of exercises

After the right emotional mood and proper preparation, you should start breathing exercises, which will contribute to a strong and healthy sleep. Necessary exercises:

Take the position of lying on your back, and exhale as fully as possible. Then breathe in the nose as far as the lungs allow. If at this time you lift up the collarbone, the space for breathing will become larger. At the end of the exercise, take a measured breath. The number of repetitions is from 5 times.

This time the diaphragm plays a big role, and with its help it is possible to get complete calmness. The abdomen rises and falls while breathing, without affecting other parts of the body. If possible, you can do it 7 times, but you can do it less.

“The 4 – 7 – 8” technique is specifically designed to saturate the brain cells with oxygen. Begins with an exhalation through the mouth, then a breath of the nose and all at a slower pace. We count up to 4 times each time. Now it is necessary to stop breathing for 7 seconds. We repeat from an exhalation, but already count up to 8.

We take a short break, listen to music or silence and do not think about anything. If your health condition allows you to do such approaches up to 5 times, it means that your body is well relaxed. If possible, we repeat it 3 times. About 2 months of this kind of gymnastics will give an amazing result. Dreams will become much brighter and kinder.

This way of breathing well relieves the stressful state. Deep breaths and exhalations are supplemented by the sounds of “ssss” and “shh”. We push out all the bad things that happened during the day and relax the whole body thinking about the beautiful.
Breathe and count to 10, that’s the main rule of this method.

On even breathe in, on odd breath out. Not in any hurry. The chest rises high, falls low. Each number is visually represented. After a few weeks you should be able to let go of the real world for a couple of minutes. Thus, the dream comes quickly, and all the human cells are ready for a full rest.

Processes in an organism during an exhalation slow down, and at a breath, especially at deep, start to work quickly. Exhalation helps to relax, and a breath will lead blood circulation in a tone.


Respiratory gymnastics is very different from sports exercises, many of them are confused. In breathing you need to concentrate clearly and want to sleep, you can not forcibly start training.

Each person has its own individuality, so breaths and exhalations are considered different. If to observe all rules the result will not make you wait. The dream will come quickly and smoothly, the rest mode gradually normalizes, and new forces will appear.