Huambo: Over 100 Adventist Church Members Get HIV/AIDS Training - 20 November 2006
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Huambo, 11/13 - Some 125 Adventist Churches believers selected from Angola`s 18 provinces are attending as from Monday a seminar for trainers against Hiv/Aids within the communities in central Huambo province.

The five-day event, promoted by the International Adventist Ministry on Hiv/Aids (AAIM), aims at backing Angolan government`s efforts to reduce the disease in the country.

The meeting, being run by specialists from Washington (USA) and the Philippines, is analysing the prevalence and damage caused by Hiv/Aids, ways of transmission and prevention, the combat of stigma and strategies to assist Hiv/Aids affected and infected persons, mainly orphans, widows and youths.

After the meeting, AAIM will outline a plan of action to run similar training programmes in several other localities of Angola, under the Adventist Church. 

On the occasion, Adventist Church Health director for Southern Africa and Indian Ocean division, Aléxis LLaguno, spoke out for the need for hard work in Angola, including fight against the disease.

Angola`s statistics show the country has a low prevalence of infections, estimated at 5 percent. The source said that more and more effort is needed, is as the pandemics can seriously affect the country, should the current five percent jump to 20.